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Aspirin-Exacerbated Asthma: Take This Breath Test

Test your IQ about this chronic, often severe form of asthma.

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Get highlights in 6 slides of headlines that made news this week, including record billions spent on medicine, patient misperceptions about opioid analgesics, heart health and lung health, and demands for full disclosure of medical research results.

Löfgren syndrome presents with diverse symptoms such as headache, rash, ankle pain with swelling, and photophobia. Can you identify the most common symptoms? Answer this question and 3 more in this quiz.

Lakeisha Conley, MD, Christopher Knudsen, DO, Terry J. Hundley, MD, et al.

The development of a standardized treatment that simultaneously addresses achalasia and obesity is becoming more imperative as obesity becomes epidemic in the US. Here’s a case in point.


Low back pain is one of the most common reasons patients seek primary care; 3 new studies confirm what most of them don’t want to hear: less treatment is better than more.

Tuberculosis, measles, and influenza have declined over the years but not gone away. See the slides that follow for key facts and figures on the current state of these ongoing public health threats.

Hamlet’s plight far predates the vaccine era, yet parents of teens may soon be asking themselves a similar question: “To give the meningococcal B vaccine or not to give, etc . . .” Find out why.

You’re on second base, batter’s up; coaches on 2 and 3 give crossed signals; the owner glares from his box. Substitute pharma, the FDA, and ACIP and it may feel the same.

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