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Top 10 Apps in Primary Care

Drugs, diseases, guidelines, databases—all at the touch of an app. Here: a selection of apps that may make your clinical practice a little easier this coming year.

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It turns out that where a patient gets a diagnosis of HIV affects how quickly he or she gets treatment for the infection.

Low cost interventions can improve compliance with HIV therapy, which is directly linked to viral suppression and reduced transmission to partners.

If we had a vaccine that was as effective at reducing HIV infection as circumcision, it would be a recommended vaccine here in the US, argues this pediatrician.

Primary care clinicians take note: here's a case for routine screening and treatment of early cryptococcal infection, given its prevalence and sequelae in patients with HIV/AIDS.

Eruptive xanthomas; smooth-shaped, deeply placed nodules; a solitary itchy patch . . . how much do you know about these and 2 other disorders?

I recently saw a great cartoon. A patient is surrounded by doctors, all turned away from him viewing their respective computer screens. The caption: patient-centered medicine.

Does this rash look like impetigo? Herpes? Tinea? Cellulitis? Here's a close look and a link to the answer and discussion.

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