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A New Obesity Medicine Toolkit

Obesity was declared a hormone-based disease in 2012, creating the need for a structured approach to obesity medicine. The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists has taken the lead.

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About one-third of US adults have high blood pressure, the leading diagnosis in primary care. Find the latest news about advances in hypertension research in the pages that follow.

A college freshman whose mother elected not to vaccinate learns about the downsides in genetics class.

Rarely in the news, eclipsed by measles, these wall-flower viruses are not benign when they strike. Do you remember their consequences?

Exercise tolerance in AF affected by gender.

Although exercise has many cardiovascular benefits, including favorable vascular and metabolic changes, its impact on arrhythmias is less well understood.

The 15-year-old presents with a sore throat, congestion, and malaise. Her mother, afraid she will infect her siblings, requests a strep test. Review the history, watch the video exam. What’s your diagnosis?

There is a razor edge differential between pharmacologic thrombus prevention and risk for excessive bleeding during procedures for AF. More guidance from a new study.

The ADA recommends GLP-1 agonists as second-line therapy against type 2 diabetes. What makes this class unique in its impact on hyperglycemia?

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