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November is National Diabetes Month

The SGLT2 inhibitors are the newest diabetes drugs available. Have you got the basic concepts under your belt? Take our basic training quiz.


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This weekly roundup of breaking cardiology news is brought to our readers by our partners at MedPage Today.

In the avalanche of articles that came across your desk in 2014, were there one or two that struck you as particularly noteworthy? Cast your vote here.

While demonstrating his retro dance moves, a 31-year-old injures his knee doing “the Twist.” Now he can barely walk. Would you order an x-ray?

My friend has lung cancer, writes this physician. I am getting in the habit of joining him at his visits. But you shouldn't need to bring along a doctor to protect you from your doctors.

A new study found that alcohol was involved in more than 20% of both opioid- and benzodiazepine-related deaths reported to the Drug Abuse Warning Network in 2010.

A 60-year-old homosexual man presented to the outpatient clinic with a 3-day history of facial rash associated with pain. The rash did not affect any other part of the body. He was not currently taking any immunosuppressive medication. What’s your diagnosis?

This hypersensitivity reaction may be secondary to medications, infection, collagen-vascular disorders, or an occult malignancy. When it is localized to the skin, prognosis is excellent.

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