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In just 20 years, rates of ADHD have tripled and autism and childhood bipolar disorder have increased forty fold. The last thing our kids need is to be misdiagnosed with “Sluggish Cognitive Tempo” and bathed in even more stimulant meds. More in this opinion piece.

ADHD has more than tripled in just 20 years—it is now diagnosed in 11% of all kids and in an astounding 20% of teenage boys. More in this commentary.

What factors are involved in parents’ decision to begin medication treatment for a child with ADHD? An overview of studies that provide clinically relevant information related to the course and treatment outcomes of ADHD in children and adolescents.

Evidence suggests that co-occurrence with ADHD is a marker of preadolescent-onset mania. This article provides some of this evidence so that you may be able to decide whether this form of very early-onset mania represents a developmental subtype of the disorder.

According to the author, stimulant drugs that 20 years ago had annual revenues in the tens of millions now are a Pharma "cash cow" with sales that will soon hit $10 billion per year. How did this happen?

ADHD is on the rise according to a new report from the CDC, and most youngsters with the diagnosis are receiving treatment for the disorder. But the report raises a number of clinical implications . . .

For children with ADHD, assessing parents’ preferences and goals is useful for clinicians in understanding which treatment parents are likely to initiate for their children.


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