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Brief slide-show summaries highlight Pokémon’s potential for diabetes prevention and other noteworthy study findings.

However, says a study author, incomplete coverage "is a better idea than skipping vaccination altogether."

Take a minute to test your knowledge of the latest findings on key health issues in older persons.

What do the symptoms and ultrasound image associated with the patient's pain suggest? Would you discharge her to home?

A 35-year-old sexually active, single woman presents to the emergency department (ED) with 18 hours of constant right upper quadrant (RUQ) abdominal pain associated with non-bloody but bilious vomiting and chills.

Soon after a total knee replacement, one of your patients is denied additional opioid analgesics by his surgeon. He comes to you for help.

Asthenia and developmental delay seem at odds with well-defined musculature in this 9-month-old. What Dx do you suspect?

States are on track to spend only 1.8% of the CDC-recommended 15% of tobacco-related revenues on tobacco control programs.

The large vessel vasculitis is more common among older adults and extremely dangerous if missed. Get answers to 3 questions you should ask.

A mobile app that lets patients record feelings and monitors engagement and activity may help assess and treat depression.


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