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Wild variations in treatment success and how T2D differs in youth and adults top the diabetes news. Click inside for highlights.

Take this test and use what you learned as a checklist for advising parents on their children’s safety and well-being.

What is the cause of the severe, diffuse inflammation of skin, joints, and mucous membranes in this Persian Gulf patient?

Results of the NIDA teen survey sound promising but other experts maintain that even inhaling flavored vapor is a gateway to tobacco.

As the prevalence increases, obesity continues to grow as a major health problem. Here are brief summaries of the latest research findings.

Bilateral tiny lumps in a 4-month-old boy's heels are making his mother anxious. Get a close look at the lesions and enter your Dx.

Topical steroids and antifungals have not only failed to resolve the bilateral rash; the teen says they’ve made it worse. Your Dx?

The renal protective effects seen with the SGLT2 inhibitor canogliflizin may be independent of glycemic control, suggest authors of a new post-hoc analysis.

Several recent findings have enhanced our understanding of medicine and mortality. Take this quick quiz to see what you know.

A 32-year-old man visits the ED for an oral canker sore that should have run its course but is getting worse. What one question should you ask?


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