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Take this brief test on key health facts about drinking water to tap into your reservoir of knowledge, refresh your memory, and offer patients sound advice.

The response to caffeine is "somewhat idiosyncratic," say authors of a new study, and the widespread belief that it is bad for the heart doesn't seem to be true.

"Primary care docs should be paid more, specialists less. More reimbursement for talking...less for testing and procedures." And, there's more.

PT VIDEO: The non-pruritic rash spread from his chest over 3d; no response to prednisone. What do you suspect?

An elderly man is found in an altered state in his home by the Meals-on-Wheels delivery driver. Does the ECG tracing hold clues to his SOC?

An elderly man is brought to the emergency department by ambulance after he was found in an altered state of consciousness in his apartment.

Here: a brief overview of 4 recent diabetes developments, including a call for a new way to classify the disease and a new online test for prediabetes.

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Refinements based on new clinical information fill out the particulars of a newly updated comprehensive algorithm.

In case you missed these January headlines, here are 7 stories from around the Web of interest to primary care.

VIDEO: Patient reports worsening pain/bleeding x 4 days; history of diverticulitis. Watch abdominal exam, interview. Your impressions?


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