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Respiratory syncytial virus may account for up to 5% of adult community acquired pneumonias. We may need more than one RSV vaccine.

Respiratory syncytial virus is common and most babies will have had it by age 2 years. Why can't we make a vaccine?

Slide Show: Get top-line results of 10 new studies on the most common non-skin cancer among US men.

Results of the intensive 12-week intervention included a significant drop in healthcare utilization, missed work days, and A1c levels.

A 32-year-old man arrives at the ED unable to walk after jumping from a wall. This foot injury is often missed on x-ray. Do you see it?

Missed fractures of the foot are not uncommon. Examine the lateral x-ray view of this injury carefully to understand why.

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Take this quick quiz to test your knowledge of this deadly disease.

In this Medical News Minute, Dr Bobby Lazzara looks at the impact of PPI use on incident dementia in the elderly.

Dr Bobby Lazzara reviews a new study that suggests reducing fluctuations in blood pressure in older adults could help prevent loss of cognitive function and verbal memory.

The first stage of this rash began at birth; it has twice changed distinctly in form. Are these changes the key to a diagnosis?


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