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Check this brief slideshow for highlights of recently reported hot topics in GI research.

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Assessment of frailty status, as well as chronological age, should be used to make clinical decisions.

Lesions are warm to the touch; exam is unremarkable. Does mom have the answer? Do you?

Correct diagnosis of Rocky Mountain spotted fever leads to correct treatment, but many cases are misdiagnosed. Take this test to see what you know.

What might be the cause of purple urine in the Foley bag attached to an indwelling catheter in an elderly bedridden woman?

Treatment for subclinical varieties of thyroid disease is rarely black and white. Here is a brief guide to navigating the grey.

Results of a large Danish cohort study place the BMI measure with lowest risk for all-cause mortality in the "overweight" category.

In this Medical News Minute, Dr Bobby Lazzara highlights what may be definitive research linking use of anticholinergic drugs to cognitive decline in older adults.

Myxedema coma and thyroid storm can both masquerade as disease in multiple organ systems. Both also can be fatal.

Editors at Medpage Today have been scouting for health apps that make dubious--even dangerous--claims. Here's an update on BP apps.


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