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The asymptomatic rash came on quickly and is prominent on the boy's trunk and arms. Close-ups of the lesions in these slides may help you make the Dx.


It's no wonder contact lenses are associated with infections. Just about everyone who wears them engages in "risky behavior' involving improper care and handling.

Physician health programs, physician suicide

Who, exactly, is protecting doctors from being misdiagnosed, mistreated, and abused?

The patient felt like her "head would explode" from the pain on the left side of her face. Watch the ED video and formulate your own diagnosis.


Doctors who don't know their patients make easily avoidable technical mistakes that can have tragic consequences. The best way "to do no harm" is to know and understand your patient.

With a few fundamental concepts, a general practitioner can better understand a patient’s underlying cardiac ailments and give the specialist the most relevant medical data.

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Lethal prostate cancer is less—not more—likely to develop in patients with asthma. The Health Professionals Follow-up Study answers key questions about why.

Is med school now a place where students meet doctors they'd never want to become? Is anyone modeling the happy doc in solo practice?

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Must reads about the latest news and trends in healthcare careers. . .

The mother reports the child spilled hot liquid while removing a cup from the microwave. Does the injury match the claim?


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