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When any patient who has a device is seen, the EKG is crucial. See the examples that follow.

More than one-third of migraineurs need preventive Rx yet only ~3%-13% use it. Do you know what drugs current guidelines recommend? Get an 8-slide update, here.

LAA isolation improves AF ablation

Results of the BELIEF study presented at ESC 2015 suggest the adjunctive ablation procedure may enhance long-term rhythm control.

I had never made a connection between a barbecued chicken wing and maintenance of certification (MOC) until my swim in the bay last week. Here’s my story.


The first results from the largest ongoing international registry of newly diagnosed AF patients were long awaited, and worth the wait.


Once again, the USPSTF finds no net benefit to screening asymptomatic persons for COPD. Draft recommendation is available for comment.


Reductions in mortality, need for life support, hospital stays, and other measures should win this drug class serious consideration, study authors say.

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High hemoglobin is less common than low and often more confusing. Find answers to your questions about this lab abnormality here.

What allergy-aggravating pollen belongs to genus Ambrosia? What do bananas have in common with ragweed? Is rhinophototherapy the next new treatment for allergic rhinitis? Find answers to these and test your allergy aptitude with a total of 7 questions in round 1 of our quiz.

Growing evidence supports the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption, but some studies suggest otherwise. Look here for the pros and cons of drinking beer.


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