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The risk is lowered more in minority women than in white woman with a healthy diet, which can play a vital role in prevention.

New therapeutic avenues for improving the synchronization of the body’s various clocks may be opening up.

Solve problems, return calls, start on time--3 of the 7 ways Dr Pamela Wible ensures her patients are hers and always hers.

This highly pruritic rash has been present for about 2 weeks. The teen says he believes it is spreading. What's your diagnosis?

There is room to improve evidence-based aspirin use for primary prevention of stroke and other cardiovascular risks. Details here.

Abrasions, ecchymoses, and a 3-cm laceration led to infection with Morganella morganii. What do you know about this pathogen? In this quiz: questions on wounds that resulted from falls.

The odds of children becoming overweight go up with sleep-disordered breathing and short sleep duration, underscoring the need for early identification of these risk factors.

There has been an explosion of diagnostic and therapeutic discoveries affecting the liver. In this slide show: key points on 5 important clinically relevant areas.

The risk of new-onset obstructive sleep apnea appears to be greater in persons who have asthma. Treating one may help the other.

Joint pain and dactylitis: does this combo suggest the need to test for HIV infection? Test your dermatologic prowess and answer 4 other quiz questions here.


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