Photo Essay: Psoriasis and Its Mimics

Photo Essay: Psoriasis and Its Mimics

guttate psoriasisThe 56-year-old man who arrived with this rash on his trunk and upper extremities had just recovered from a severe upper respiratory infection.

The eruption consisted largely of small plaques, with a noticeable absence of large lesions. What is it?

Psoriasis is the most common autoimmune disease, and one manifestation of psoriatic arthritis in patients who have joint pain. But it's hardly the case that everyone who turns up with a rash has a rheumatologic condition, or even psoriasis for that matter. A patient with joint pain and red bumpy skin might, of course, have early osteoarthritis and a comorbid eruption of any sort.

Try out this slide show about psoriasis and its mimics on ConsultantLive to hone your skills at distinguishing other skin eruptions from psoriasis.

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