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About 90% of asthma patients use rescue inhalers--perhaps its because nearly 60% weren't instructed at diagnosis on asthma triggers to avoid. More results, here.

Variables associated with very poorly controlled asthma identified by TENOR II study offer targets for more aggressive disease management.

An FDA-mandated study finds use of LABA plus ICS in a single inhaler noninferior to ICS alone with regard to serious asthma outcomes.

The discovery may spell relief for the large number of asthma patients that do not respond to conventional therapy.

New analysis of NCHS data found that obese women have nearly 2X the prevalence of asthma as women of normal weight.

Exposure to pollutants may cause internal stress that interferes with embryo implantation or placental development, say study authors.

Authors of a computer modeling study suggest their results can be used to improve public health strategies at the riskiest times of year.


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