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Löfgren syndrome presents with diverse symptoms such as headache, rash, ankle pain with swelling, and photophobia. Can you identify the most common symptoms? Answer this question and 3 more in this quiz.

Asthma and the Metabolic Syndrome

Asthma and the metabolic syndrome may be more closely related than once believed. A short slide show summarizes key studies of known connections.

Food choices and dietary supplements may impact progression and management of respiratory disease. Try 6 quick questions on the topic and find out what you know.

COPD challenges, asthma in children, smoking deaths—highlights of recent research findings in these key areas of respiratory disease.

What do you get when you cross asthma with COPD? How does an asthma Dx reduce antibiotic Rx? And what about vitamin D and asthma, anyway? Get answers and evidence in 5 easy pages.

Making a good match between a young patient and an inhaler device is a first step toward optimal asthma management. Find a brief review of how to make that match in this short slide show.

Aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease (AERD) is chronic, often severe asthma. Episodes can be life-threatening. Find out what you know about AERD after answering these 6 short questions.


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