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Atrial Fibrillation

Help for Kids with Chronic Migraines?

Preventive options are scarce. What about cognitive behavioral therapy?


Atrial Fibrillation

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Find data here on obesity, exercise, and OSA, plus 4 more factors that increase the risk for AF and other CV disease.

A large population-based study found more patients already had atrial fibrillation at gout diagnosis compared with controls.

Concern that equipment error may have led to higher doses of warfarin than necessary call the huge trial's findings into question.

Results of two recent studies suggest that perioperative "bridge" anticoagulation may do more harm than good in some patients.

Study results presented at the 2015 AHA meeting reinforce, once again, the critical role of persistent patient education on treatment adherence.

Data from a recent study suggest that paroxysmal AF may be underdiagnosed in patients with heart failure and preserved ejection fraction.

The anticoagulant reversal agent idarucizumab was approved as the antidote to dabigatran via the FDA's accelerated approval program.


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