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Billing and Collections

Billing and Collections

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Even if you haven’t seen an uptick in denials, the ICD-10 transition could affect your bottom line. Here are some ways to ensure that doesn’t happen.


A new billing code allows docs to be reimbursed for non face-to-face care for patients with two or more chronic conditions lasting 12 months or more.

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The change to the ICD-10 coding system was greeted with dread and sometimes fear. But now that it's live, it's time to see what it can do.


As patients see increases in healthcare costs, it’s up to a practice’s staff members to change payment behavior and keep collections coming.

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Oct. 1 will be here before you know it. If you aren't ready for ICD-10, it's time to narrow your focus.


Medicare has amped up its efforts to collect debts related to alleged billing/coding errors, which is hurting providers in the pocket.


Here are nine good reasons to receive all in-network payer remittances via the Automated Clearing House system.


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