Nope. No more open-ended questions that may invite wandering answers. Who has time when the double-booked patient sits in the exam room next door?

The results of several recent studies on both drug classes may come as a surprise. Will they change the way you prescribe either or both for pain?

#6. You pray you will be diagnosed with cancer so you can get some time to sleep. Am I right?

Health insurance is complex. Eating out is easy—unless you were to involve your health insurance company.

The answer to this question has long been considered to be, "yes" and for what seem to be logical reasons related to the nature of chronic pain. But, where's the science to support the belief?

Pamela Wible, MD

Can a medical practice survive without taking Medicare? Many are being forced to try. Here, one family physician lists her reasons for walking away.

Pamela Wible, MD, is a family physician in solo practice in Oregon. She accepts most insurance plans. But, to protect herself, her practice, and her patients, she is very clear on what type of contract she will not sign.


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