Outside the field, the statistics on physician suicide may elicit surprise. Here, physicians and students who have thought about it write not about surprise but about disbelief that so little help is available.

Confirmation of President Obama's nominee for Surgeon General is suspended as the debate over an answer to this question continues.

If you're a practicing physician today, you've probably asked yourself, "If I'm not the boss anymore around here, how do I manage the person who is?" Find out, here, and get ready to take notes.

Stark defunding for AIDS research may lead to increased pharmaceutical influence, less population diversity in research, and dwindling new HIV-specific advances.

There are no guidelines on how to differentiate iatrogenic opioid abuse triggered by treatment for legitimate pain from illicit use. And yet, theories abound.

Physicians are no strangers to the pen and have made invaluable contributions to world literature. Here, the story of a 21st-century internist-author who is firmly rooted in both worlds.

Being emotionally available and accessible is healing. Are you open to that part of medicine with your patients?


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