Cholesterol Disorders

Cholesterol Disorders

The patient drove himself to the ED after experiencing symptoms while playing basketball. He has a history of anxiety, but is this more than a case of nerves over a missed foul shot?

Be alert for the pitfalls in ECG interpretation of ACS. An initial tracing can be normal in about 10% of cases, even during chest pain. Nonspecific changes occur in another 5% to 15% of cases.

Contrave, a combination of naltrexone and buproprion, has been approved for long-term weight loss management in overweight and obese adults.

The real impact of nutritious menu changes at fast food chains like McDonalds remains to be seen, but these—along with modifying the dosage schedules of patients who appear to be statin-intolerant—may prove to have long-term salubrious effects.

Smoking can increase cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL while decreasing HDL.

Although this study did not show benefits for heart disease, it has shown that weight loss improves many other health problems.


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