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Diabetes Type 2

Help for Kids with Chronic Migraines?

Preventive options are scarce. What about cognitive behavioral therapy?


Diabetes Type 2

Got a minute? Check out this concise review of the facts about long-acting insulin formulations Toujeo and Tresiba.

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Refinements based on new clinical information fill out the particulars of a newly updated comprehensive algorithm.

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The newly released recommendations outline key goals and the tools to reach them, including a tiered approach to obesity management.

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The initial research findings of 2016 include a link between early elevated BMI and later diabetes and heightened dementia risk in women.

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Diabetes isn’t going away anytime soon, but a new CDC report reveals encouraging signs of decline.

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Recent research addressed disease risk and how to manage it. Catch up here on the latest headlines.

About that apple-a-day—is there proof it keeps the doctor away? Find out in this slide-show summary of some well-known, and lesser-known, facts about apples and good health.


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