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Diabetes Type 2

SGLT2 Inhibitor Q & A

Four questions for you to answer, four facts you need to know.


Diabetes Type 2

The empagliflozin CV benefit was "astounding" and a first for any diabetes drug, but what does it actually mean?

A Swedish study found that patients with A1c greater than 10% had a 23% greater risk of developing dementia than those whose A1C was less than 6%.


Common sleep disorders appear to worsen insulin resistance, glucose intolerance, and pancreatic endocrine dysfunction. Here, a closer look at how.

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ED may raise the risk of diabetes, coffee may lower it, and the evidence against sugary drinks continues to mount.


Take a short break from the clinic and try 2 quick questions about the injectable gut hormone analogs.

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Questions you were afraid to ask about weight-loss modalities in the context of obesity and type 2 diabetes are answered here.

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In the diabetes news: diet and physical activity programs may help prevent type 2 DM, patiromer shows promise for hyperkalemia, metformin may treat portal hypertension.


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