SGLT2 Inhibitors: Basic Training Quiz

The sodium glucose cotransporter-2 inhibitors are the newest diabetes drugs available. Have you got the basic concepts under your belt? Try these 6 questions and find out.


Regulation of glucose homeostasis by the kidney is impaired in persons with type 2 diabetes. Find out what you know, and what you don't, about this renal dysfunction and the role of SGLT2 inhibition in reducing hyperglycemia.

The reasons reflect the silence that surrounds depression, its basic invisibility, and the mistaken notion that it can't be dealt with in primary care.

The "inverted champagne bottle" appearance of the distal leg is a specific finding associated with this condition. Lipodermatosclerosis usually occurs in patients with long-standing venous insufficiency.

The new guidelines signal a shift toward aggressive treatment for obesity as a primary disease and following with treatment for comorbidites that do not respond to weight loss.

Long-term use of this SGLT2 inhibitor revealed sustained clinical benefits in older patients with diabetes and most AEs reported were mild.

 SGLT2-I Use in the Elderly

SGLT2 inhibitors perform well in older patients and cause minimal hypoglycemia. But caution is advised and here are 5 reasons why.

Endo Tools, Endo Pubs, Glooko--just a few of the mobile apps described here, all designed specifically for the clinical endocrinologist.


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