Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light

HIV infection had ravaged Amber's immune system, but not her spirit. Here: her story told by the physician who continues to walk with her.


It turns out that where a patient gets a diagnosis of HIV affects how quickly he or she gets treatment for the infection.

Low cost interventions can improve compliance with HIV therapy, which is directly linked to viral suppression and reduced transmission to partners.

If we had a vaccine that was as effective at reducing HIV infection as circumcision, it would be a recommended vaccine here in the US, argues this pediatrician.

Primary care clinicians take note: here's a case for routine screening and treatment of early cryptococcal infection, given its prevalence and sequelae in patients with HIV/AIDS.

This AIDS-specialist offers his rank-order list of the top 10 HIV clinical trials that really made a difference. The trials differ substantially in design, size, and focus, but they all were “game changers.”

Younger antiretroviral therapy enrollees differ from older ones in demographic and clinical characteristics and are at higher risk for loss to follow-up. But interventions could reduce mortality and incidence.

If full restoration of immunologic and clinical health is the goal of antiretroviral therapy, the best chance we have is to start ART within 12 months of infection.


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