HIV infection had ravaged Amber's immune system, but not her spirit. Here: her story told by the physician who continues to walk with her.


Prevention counseling has been shown to reduce sexual risk-taking among HIV-infected patients. A new study shows, however, that very few of the highest-risk patients receive intervention.

Treatment for HIV infection initiated within 3 months of diagnosis can shorten time to viral suppression, a new study finds.

Antiretroviral therapy has greatly reduced the incidence of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. But, a new study finds the risk is still high even at low levels of HIV infection.

These presentations provided a wealth of data suggesting that very early treatment of HIV may help control viremia and achieve remission over time in pediatric patients.

Here: 4 subgroups of HIV patients whose cardiovascular health might benefit from your targeted intervention.

Useful details here about HIV and age-related issues, sexual dysfunction, heart disease, and end-organ damage.

These suggestions will enhance your enjoyment of long meetings and will have your colleagues remarking on what a jolly, friendly person you really are. Ignore the advice at your own peril.


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