Can Statins Prevent CVD in Patients with HIV?

Statins effectively lower levels of various pro-inflammatory markers of immune activation. So can statin therapy prevent CVD events in HIV-infected persons?


Rates of postoperative mortality among HIV-infected individuals who are receiving ART are low and influenced as much by hypoalbuminemia and age as by CD4 cell status, according to a new study.

Screening for tobacco use and strategies for quitting are important considerations for patients with HIV, since infected adults are more likely to smoke -- and less likely to quit -- than those who are uninfected.

A new study shows that it is safe to fall back on an NRTI-only regimen in special circumstances in patients with adequately suppressed HIV replication.

HIV infection increases the risk of acute myocardial infarction in veterans without major cardiovascular disease risk factors. The presence of major CVD risk factors significantly increases this risk.

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The antiviral future holds great promise for people living with HIV: better-tolerated, less toxic, drugs are about to come to market, and we are about to see the introduction of drugs from 1 or 2 new classes.

Here is compelling reason why every MD needs to test his or her patients for HCV, and get them into therapy as soon as possible.


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