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90-90-90 by 2020?

Diagnose and treat 90% of HIV-infected people to an undetectable HIV RNA level by 2020: are we anywhere close?




Taking a detailed sexual history can be uncomfortable, but it's critical in an HIV/AIDS patient. There is too often a devil deep in those details.


Intermittent (vs daily) pre-exposure prophylaxis in men who have unprotected sex with men yielded an 86% relative reduction in new HIV infections in a new study. The caveats?


Do you know which symptoms might warrant consideration of the acute retroviral syndrome?


A new study suggests that cognitive impairments in older HIV-infected individuals may be even more prevalent than previously thought.

Do you know which patients would benefit from PrEP? The CDC reports that many American adults who could benefit from HIV prophylaxis aren't receiving treatment.

This AIDS specialist predicts that the era of 2-drug regimens will be upon us. He explains why here and writes, "remember: you read about it first here."

How far are we from achieving the goal of diagnosing and treating 90% of HIV-infected people to an undetectable HIV RNA level by 2020?


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