Can Statins Prevent CVD in Patients with HIV?

Statins effectively lower levels of various pro-inflammatory markers of immune activation. So can statin therapy prevent CVD events in HIV-infected persons?


Here's a look at how emergency room experiences affected linkage to care and retention in care among patients with HIV.

Here: an update on progress and challenges in HIV eradication, and a focus on the efforts of the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.

Is pre-exposure prophylaxis an effective means of reducing the number of new HIV infections?

Do we, in resource-rich countries, have the will and the resources to spend on HIV or HCV eradication? We have the tools (medications), but the goal of eradicating both infections seems as elusive as ever.

HIV-infected men appear to be using testosterone replacement without adequate baseline evaluation and establishment of recommended indications.

Here's why it is important for everyone infected with HIV to get an influenza vaccination.

“Enough time” is one of the necessary components of what it takes to be a “good” doctor. Here’s how this doctor defines “enough.”


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