From white coat hypertension and resistant hypertension to diet and exercise and multiple drug therapy: you'll find practical guidance here.


Brown eyes, blue sclera; stress tests when a patient can’t stress; CRPS type I vs CRPS type II: can you answer these quiz questions?

chest film, flank and abdominal pain

What does this chest film tell you about the cause of flank and abdominal pain? We invite you to answer this and 4 other questions about cocaine, opioids, a skin lesion, and hypertension.

Even moderate amounts of exercise can lower the risk of death in older men with high blood pressure, a new study shows.

Results from two large cohorts indicated that increasing blood pressure levels were associated with an increased risk for developing kidney cancer among both men and women.

A greater focus on potential barriers may help prevent errors, increased costs, and poor patient outcomes.

Blood pressure changes, and management, are different in hemorrhagic stroke. A new analysis suggests prognostic signals in blood pressure variability, and clues to management, in hemorrhagic stroke.

All patients with stroke should have their blood pressure lowered to normal levels, a new study shows.


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