From white coat hypertension and resistant hypertension to diet and exercise and multiple drug therapy: you'll find practical guidance here.


A greater focus on potential barriers may help prevent errors, increased costs, and poor patient outcomes.

Blood pressure changes, and management, are different in hemorrhagic stroke. A new analysis suggests prognostic signals in blood pressure variability, and clues to management, in hemorrhagic stroke.

All patients with stroke should have their blood pressure lowered to normal levels, a new study shows.

No longer considered a single entity, hypertension is part of a larger disease group that includes obesity, diabetes mellitus, kidney disease, and other concerns. Test your knowledge of hypertension and related problems.

Here: factors that can affect home BP readings . . .when to start antiretroviral therapy . . . coping strategies for the challenges of aging . . . triggers to avoid in hyperthyroid patients . . . insights into causes of childhood obesity.

There may be a difficult tradeoff between treating patients with hypertension and preventing serious fall injuries.

Certain modifiable risk factors affect variability in home blood pressure in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.


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