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The sutures that were placed after this boy cut his toe with a piece of glass were removed after the wound became infected. What’s going on?

Vaccine safety topics for parents

When parents play out worst case scenarios in protest against routine vaccination, maybe one or two of these 6 options for response will come in handy.

Do we, in resource-rich countries, have the will and the resources to spend on HIV or HCV eradication? We have the tools (medications), but the goal of eradicating both infections seems as elusive as ever.

Oral etidronate, IV pamidronate, and then zoledronate caused bone markers to normalize in this 80-year-old woman—temporarily. What’s going on? Answer this and questions on 3 other topics in this week’s quiz.

Parental fears and misinformation about vaccines can be overcome, says this expert. Here are some suggestions.

The reappearance of measles has reignited debate in some quarters about the issue of vaccine safety.

Here are the signs and symptoms of the measles in a classic case—in order of their appearance:


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