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Men's Health

Remember that old song, "Young at Heart?"

Turns out, heart age is higher than the actual age in most men.



Men's Health

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African American and white men in racially integrated communities with comparable incomes have far fewer differences in behaviors that contribute to poor health, this study showed.

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New guidelines recommend that testosterone replacement therapy be restricted to men who have stable disease, only after a discussion of the potential risks and benefits.

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Risk does not go up with exposure to testosterone therapy over a 5-year period or according to total testosterone injections.


Contrary to media reports, a new position statement suggested there is no compelling evidence that testosterone therapy increases or decreases cardiovascular risk.

"Bigorexia" is the male version of anorexia nervosa. Could you spot it in your practice? More about being a man with a "woman's disorder" in these slides.

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Heart age is higher than actual age in most men and women, so many don’t understand their risk of cardiovascular diseases and are missing opportunities to prevent them.

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The goal is to avoid treating men who don’t need surgery or radiation. A new long-term study points to the potential of surveillance as a treatment option.


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