Mental Health

Mental Health

Outside the field, the statistics on physician suicide may elicit surprise. Here, physicians and students who have thought about it write not about surprise but about disbelief that so little help is available.

As science and innovation breed new developments in medical care, we’ll be faced again and again with the same question. Who's working on the answer?

Being emotionally available and accessible is healing. Are you open to that part of medicine with your patients?

If it feels like you are drowning at work, you need way more than a few breaths at the surface to give yourself any kind of meaningful recovery.

“My mother was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer. I made a comic strip about it.” The idea: combine the art with the medicine.

Women who have post-traumatic stress disorder gain weight more rapidly than women who do not and are more likely to be overweight or obese.

Four inpatient detentions in 4 months, but Jennifer happily caught a bus to head home. Was this case another crisis averted? Or just another flagrant waste of limited funds?


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