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Mental Health

Mental Health

A mobile app that lets patients record feelings and monitors engagement and activity may help assess and treat depression.

Depression requires the same time and attention given to other chronic diseases, but few primary care practices are equipped to deliver.

Depression in COPD patients is one of the most common, yet least recognized comorbidities, with prevalence ranging from 17% to 44%.


Rates of severe mental illness in children and adolescents have dropped 16% since 1996, according to a new study. The lead author explains possible reasons for this surprising finding and concludes: "We're moving in the right direction!"

New research suggests that depression and stroke share common cumulative etiologic mechanisms.

What brings patients to your office—and not the specialty office down the street? Insights in this slideshow.

The merging of primary psychiatric care with primary medical care is urgently needed. Here’s why.


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