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Headache was a hot topic at the AAN Annual Meeting, and several studies have added to the literature. This slideshow summarizes the latest.

A neurologist who treats headache has his eyes opened to the real possibility of marijuana as medicinal.

How to treat a pediatric problem that can easily turn into a lifelong issue?

If the cost savings of reduced healthcare access don’t justify the steep up front cost of BOTOX injections for chronic migraine, then someone is not doing his math correctly.


A combination of Vitamin D3 and simvastatin had an impressive effect on migraine frequency in a controlled study. How will this combo perform in real life? I'm cautiously optimistic.


If migraine is fundamentally an inflammatory problem and if inflammatory conditions increase cardiovascular risk, do migraineurs need statins?

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An association was found between headache or non-migrainous headache and later dementia. Not so for migraine.


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