Migraine Treatment Challenges

Better understanding of migraine causes and related issues could result in enhanced patient care and prevention, but clinicians face some serious challenges—here are 5.

Researchers are finding some useful answers about migraine treatment and prevention.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a promising, effective, well-tolerated and safe treatment option for migraine with and without aura, episodic or chronic.

Knowing the direction of the headache's origin, while clinically difficult to ascertain on a consistent basis, has shown some predictive value for migraines.

Five recent studies offer new insights on migraine headaches-- its pathophysiologic underpinnings and various modes of therapy.

Here: highlights from a systematic review that these authors view as a substantial step forward in establishing an evidence-based approach to migraine treatment in the acute care setting.

So many good headache studies . . . so little time! Here's a little help.


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