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Keeping the Migraine Beast at Bay

Are you up to speed on the latest guidelines for drug prevention and therapy?





Here's intriguing evidence that certain structural changes in the brain may be related to chronic migraines.


They work all week at stressful jobs without a headache--and spend the weekend in bed with a breakthrough migraine. What to do for them?

Do you know what drugs current guidelines recommend? Get an 8-slide update, here.

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If one triptan doesn't work for your patient's migraines, try, try again. A neurologist offers tips on the pros and cons of the 6 available agents.


What it all boils down to: smoking is a risk factor for stroke--no matter your age or your migraine status.

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By asking and answering these questions, I learned some new tricks that can help you help migraine sufferers.

What brings patients to your office—and not the specialty office down the street? Insights in this slideshow.


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