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By asking and answering these questions, I learned some new tricks that can help you help migraine sufferers.

What brings patients to your office—and not the specialty office down the street? Insights in this slideshow.

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A novel drug-device may not only be a promising non-oral triptan acute migraine treatment, but may be more efficacious than its oral counterpart.

Triptan and ergotamine drugs are staples of acute migraine treatment. But questions about their cardiovascular safety linger in the absence of clear evidence. A short slide show looks at what we do know.

Do you have a patient with "radiologically isolated syndrome" -- and, if so, what do you tell your patient?

eyelid lesion

This benign, solitary, nodular tumor on the lower eyelid arises from the follicular infundibulum. What do you know about this condition and the 4 others in this quiz?

Migraine Treatment Challenges

Better understanding of migraine causes and related issues could result in enhanced patient care and prevention, but clinicians face some serious challenges—here are 5.


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