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Keeping the Migraine Beast at Bay

Are you up to speed on the latest guidelines for drug prevention and therapy?





A combination of Vitamin D3 and simvastatin had an impressive effect on migraine frequency in a controlled study. How will this combo perform in real life? I'm cautiously optimistic.


If migraine is fundamentally an inflammatory problem and if inflammatory conditions increase cardiovascular risk, do migraineurs need statins?

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An association was found between headache or non-migrainous headache and later dementia. Not so for migraine.

Promising new research is testing monoclonal antibodies delivered via infusion against CGRP, a powerful mediator of inflammation.

When it's time to try a triptan for migraine, remember there are 7 to choose from. If one doesn't work for your patient, another one in the class probably will.


Here's intriguing evidence that certain structural changes in the brain may be related to chronic migraines.


They work all week at stressful jobs without a headache--and spend the weekend in bed with a breakthrough migraine. What to do for them?


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