Nervous System Diseases

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in a Young Man

The neurodegeneration of ALS is relentlessly progressive and presently incurable. Only one medication has been shown to extend life. Here, a case study, including videos.

Nervous System Diseases

A new study suggests that inpatient statin use is linked to improved outcomes after intracranial hemorrhage.


Underweight means highest risk, say researchers.

Advances in neurology science and patient care continue to make news even before the doors to the AAN 2015 Annual Meeting officially open on Saturday. These are the top stories.

Deep brain stimulation, stem cell treatment, studying mitochondria—to mark Parkinson’s Awareness Month, we review some noteworthy new concepts.


The SPG is a promising target for migraine treatment, but robust evidence of efficacy for routine use of noninvasive device–mediated SPG blockade is needed.


A new way to treat dementia and other diagnosis and treatment developments are in the news.

A switch to a second-line drug in a patient receiving first-line therapies likely will be effective at decreasing disease activity.


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