Nervous System Diseases

The neurodegeneration of ALS is relentlessly progressive and presently incurable. Only one medication has been shown to extend life. Here, a case study, including videos.

Nervous System Diseases

Back and neck complaints rank among the top reasons for visits to primary care physicians. Take this week’s photo quiz to test your knowledge of these sometimes mysterious disorders.

Mixed tocotrienols are effective in attenuating the progression of white matter lesions in humans, the results of a new study have shown.

The connections between obesity and depression in young women are strengthened by the results of a new study.

All patients with stroke should have their blood pressure lowered to normal levels, a new study shows.

Good cardiovascular health may help preserve memory and thinking skills into middle age, according to the results of a new study.

Migraine headaches increase significantly after persons relax and then experience heightened stress, according to the results of a new study.

Progressive numbness in 3 fingers on both hands led this computer programmer to diagnose himself as having carpal tunnel syndrome. But, there's more to this story.


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