Nervous System Diseases

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in a Young Man

The neurodegeneration of ALS is relentlessly progressive and presently incurable. Only one medication has been shown to extend life. Here, a case study, including videos.

Nervous System Diseases

Inquiring about memory in older persons during routine clinical examination may identify persons who might be at higher risk for stroke.

This report reflects the changing nature of guidelines toward evidence-based treatment rather than expert opinion. A companion piece will help translate evidence-based guidelines to clinical practice.

Men and women smoke for different reasons and activate different parts of the brain while smoking. These findings from “dopamine movies” could have implications for Parkinson disease.

Prostaglandin may block protective microglial cells in Alzheimer disease, a study shows. This work could form the basis for future therapies.

This is a newly identified association between the conditions, and they may share a common underlying link.

By localizing the portion of the brain responsible for seizures and envisioning long-term outcomes, this imaging combination helps guide clinical decision making.

Many patients with brain tumors present with isolated headaches but no other symptoms. Use neuroimaging to help the diagnosis, or cut costs?


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