Knife in Skull

Extended! Send us an image of your strangest imaging case and you could win a $50 gift card in our new contest.

Placing a newborn on the mother’s abdomen or chest immediately after delivery and before the umbilical cord is clamped doesn’t affect placental transfusion volume.

The FDA has issued a safety alert warning that epidural corticosteroid injections may rarely cause serious neurological adverse events including loss of vision, stroke or paralysis, or may be fatal.

De Vera MA, Marcotte G, Rai S, Galo JS and Bhole V.


The latest dual source CT includes features that provide low dose imaging for patients with renal insufficiency, difficulty holding their breath and more.

Having at least another 18 months until ICD-10 becomes a reality can be a good thing for your medical practice. Here are four things to start doing today.

The frayed dignity of the patient described in this poem, his intelligence matched by the inexplicable intransigence of his alcoholism, moved this VA psychiatrist to describe the clinical encounter, apropos for April, Alcohol Awareness Month.

Because all schizophrenia patients are at high risk after discharge, screening them for suicide risk is a waste of effort, notes a comment on a study. Careful observation and management immediately after discharge is a better option, says another author.


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