Pain Management

Pain Management

The use of vitamin D decreases pain in women who have type 2 diabetes mellitus and depression, according to a recent study, and more research is in the works.

The news is particularly auspicious for older patients who are at greater risk for NSAID-related events.

Pain has a wide variety of presentations, often making the diagnosis a significant challenge. Test your knowledge of signs and symptoms in this week's photo quiz.

A new study has shown that acetaminophen use in pregnancy may be associated with neurodevelopmental adverse effects in the offspring of women who used the drug.

The use of ice packs is an effective but nonstandard method of pain control after open abdominal surgery, and an experimental prolonged drug delivery system using nanotechnology is in the works.

Evidence shows that acupuncture seems to be the most effective intervention for preventing and treating pregnancy-related pelvic and back pain.

The sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) has recently been the target of a novel treatment for patients with cluster headaches. A sham-controlled randomized study of an implantable stimulator of the SPG offers encouraging preliminary results.


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