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Help for Kids with Chronic Migraines?

Preventive options are scarce. What about cognitive behavioral therapy?



Most respondents to a SERMO survey supported mandatory registration and use of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs.


A pain management specialist reviews the strengths and points out the weaknesses in the proposed recommendations.

What does evidence say about the effect of opioids prescribed for cancer-related pain on length of survival?

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We have learned over time that some widely used therapies actually provide little benefit for most patients. Now several new studies should make us rethink some others.

The math teacher and mother of 2 is also having memory and concentration problems. She denies feeling depressed. Your impression?

Liza Leal, MD knows something about pain, both professionally and personally as a patient. She lives with rheumatoid arthritis.


Here's intriguing evidence that certain structural changes in the brain may be related to chronic migraines.


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