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Surprising Finding on Moderate Drinking

Moderate alcohol consumption has been linked with decreased risk for papillary and follicular thyroid carcinoma.

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Headache was a hot topic at the AAN Annual Meeting, and several studies have added to the literature. This slideshow summarizes the latest.

There is no nice straight line between use of prescription opioids and heroin addiction; in fact, the connections aren't really clear at all.

Using music in medicine is an ancient practice. Here we review recent research efforts to better understand and apply music’s healing powers.

If a treatment to reduce episodic back pain worked as well as exercise & education did in a recent study, it would be headline news.

Another complaint of low back pain, another day in primary care. But make sure you ask these questions every time.

The patient’s reach with his thumb helps distinguish between frozen shoulder and osteoarthritis. How high is enough to tell?

Most respondents to a SERMO survey supported mandatory registration and use of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs.


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