This young woman's fingers become cold and white intermittently during the winter months since she moved to the northeast from the Caribbean. She also describes intermittent shortness of breath. What do you suspect?


A young woman was admitted at 36 weeks' gestation with severe preeclampsia. During delivery, she experienced generalized seizures. She remained postictal throughout the normal vaginal birth.

Presenting complaints were fever, nausea, and lower abdominal pain that worsened with walking. Osteomyelitis is not commonly included in a differential for abdominal pain. This case is different.

A 38-year-old woman became pregnant during the time she was undergoing evaluation for a pituitary adenoma. Here, see the case unfold.

Results of a physical examination and CT scan of the chest offer clues to this patient's diagnosis.

The young female presented with a 1-month history of violaceous papules, petechiae, and healing ulcerations on the distal digits of both hands and feet.

An 84-year-old woman presented to the ED with progressive dyspnea and hypoxemia. Her oxygen saturation was 84% on room air and the rest of her vital signs were within normal limits.

A PET/CT scan shows uptake of tracer consistent with malignancy in the left lower lobe and mediastinal nodes. What would be your next step?


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