Physical Abuse

Physical Abuse

Test yourself on symptoms of Löfgren syndrome, comorbdities of Down syndrome; complications of diabetes, and more in this week’s quiz.

Botox approved for urinary incontinence or frequency; screening for partner violence; Norovirus update; immunization schedule update; new name for PCOS?

A normal genital examination does not preclude sexual abuse.

New USPSTF guidelines call for screening of all women of child-bearing age for intimate partner violence.

The incidence of substantiated cases of serious child abuse showed a 55% decrease from 1992 to 2009, according to national data.

Swelling and redness have progressed over the past 16 hours in this 5-month-old boy. Would you consider child abuse in your differential diagnosis?
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For the past 20 years, I have been visiting developing nations to deliver healthcare. Recently, I made a conscious decision to look for a case of child abuse to write about. Late in 2011, during one of my visits to a third world country, I encountered multiple situations that rose to the level of possible child abuse. Here, I describe 3 such cases.


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