You have probably read the news by now -- but do you recall the most remarkable rates of decline? Was it in MI? Lower-limb amputations? Death after hyperglycemic crisis? Check your memory with this quick quiz.

Back and neck complaints rank among the top reasons for visits to primary care physicians. Take this week’s photo quiz to test your knowledge of these sometimes mysterious disorders.

Constipation-related straining may be the cause of the lesion. How would you proceed?

Many medical problems are common to both men and women, but several occur more frequently in women. This week’s photo quiz tests your knowledge of a variety of these disorders.

Plus, see what you know about parotid masses, thyrotoxic periodic paralysis, new antivirals for hepatitis C, and postpartum neurologic deficits—all topics in this week’s quiz.

indoor allergens

Spring is here and brings with it the peak allergy season. Patients will present with a variety of allergic diseases, both seasonal and otherwise. This week’s photo quiz tests your knowledge of these disorders.

Which meningococcal vaccines can now be given to very young infants? Can a Mediterranean diet lower inflammation? What does regular narrow QRS complex tachycardia imply? Can you answer these questions and 2 others?


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