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Autumn Aggravations: Allergy Quiz Round 2

How long does AIT protect against allergy? How often is conjunctivitis seen alone? What is the meaning of the “September Epidemic”? Answers and more questions in round 2 of our quiz.



Guidelines recommend AF catheter ablation to help avoid use of oral anticoagulation. True or False? Answer this and 2 other queries on ablation.

A 54-year-old African American man with a history of type 2 DM, hypertension, and gout presents for diabetes follow-up. What’s the best therapy for his hypertension?

Test your visual diagnostic skills, vote for your preferred Dx and treatment, and learn about 2 common annular lesions along the way.

A new flu season is never elementary for primary care. Two questions on flu and its spread that may prove educational.


Pediatricians will answer these 2 nursery-round inspired questions with no trouble. If your Peds rotation was a while back, let's test your memory.


See if you recall a few basics about program eligibility and the vaccines covered by the law. It's a short quiz.


Chronic pain from failed back surgery is notoriously difficult to manage. Might medical marijuana hold promise?


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