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Allergy Aptitude Test: Round 1

What allergy-aggravating pollen belongs to genus Ambrosia? What do bananas have in common with ragweed? Is rhinophototherapy the next new treatment for allergic rhinitis? Find answers to these and test your allergy aptitude with a total of 7 questions in round 1 of our quiz.




Pediatricians will answer these 2 nursery-round inspired questions with no trouble. If your Peds rotation was a while back, let's test your memory.


See if you recall a few basics about program eligibility and the vaccines covered by the law. It's a short quiz.


Chronic pain from failed back surgery is notoriously difficult to manage. Might medical marijuana hold promise?

The patient reports the chest pain began 6 days ago during a vacation abroad. She denies any injury. What does the chest x-ray reveal?

Patient describes worsening chest pain for 2 years; also easy bruising, bleeding. Follow ED exam on video. What's your diagnosis?

The 89-year-old has used topical mupirocin twice daily for several weeks without improvement. Examine the images. What's your diagnosis?


Paroxysmal atrial fibrillation is a first and only dx for some patients; for others it is just the beginning. What do you know about AF progression?


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