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Help for Kids with Chronic Migraines?

Preventive options are scarce. What about cognitive behavioral therapy?



Take this brief test on key health facts about drinking water to tap into your reservoir of knowledge, refresh your memory, and offer patients sound advice.

Physicians who aren't alert to the perils of sleep deprivation may not be able to give patients the advice they need. Take this test as a wake-up call.

Red meat has a dark side. Put your knowledge of the risks to the test in this quick quiz.

Take this brief quiz to test your knowledge of the events and trends of 2015 that may matter most to you.

Is beer, the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, good for patients’ health? Put your knowledge to the test in this quick quiz.

A new flu season is never elementary for primary care. Two questions on flu and its spread that may prove educational.

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This quick quiz focuses on testing and diagnosis. Test your acumen.


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