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Respiratory Diseases

Help for Kids with Chronic Migraines?

Preventive options are scarce. What about cognitive behavioral therapy?


Respiratory Diseases

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Vitamins C and E, in particular, have a beneficial effect on COPD risk and lung function in men, a new study found.

Cigarette smoking has declined but remains a leading cause of illness and death in the US. If there is anything you don’t know about the current state of smoking, you’ll find it in these slides.

The best asthma care is not good enough if the patient is nonadherent. Applied "humanomics" as an approach to chronic care was discussed this week at CHEST 2015.

Exacerbations of COPD often complicate CV outcomes. Two studies presented at CHEST 2015 looked at ways to refine risk factors for CV decline.

Severe refractory asthma resists conventional therapies, but a roster of new biologics, discussed at CHEST 2015 in Montreal, may soon offer relief.

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Here, during Respiratory Care Week, studies address safety concerns with new opioid use, relationships between PTSD and COPD, and a new smartphone app for better patient compliance.

Study results revealed at CHEST 2015 showed use of FeNO to assess inflammation led family physicians to change steroid dose in 50% of asthma patients.


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