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Skin Diseases

EGFR Inhibitor Sun Sensitivity

Therapies that target specific pathways or proteins in cancer cells are especially noted for dermatologic events, which affect up to 90% of treated patients.

Skin Diseases

Brothers present with residual findings from a bad bout of lower GI distress. Their tongues will speak for themselves. What's your Dx?

Take this brief quiz to test your knowledge of skin diseases that may occur on and around the face.

The teen presents for an annual physical. You note asymmetric papular lesions that cover his trunk. What is your diagnosis?

A few days after a homecoming party a 17-year-old girl presents with a pruritic rash at her waist and on her upper arms. What went on?

A teen’s pigmented fingernail was not a cause for alarm but did present a teaching opportunity. Take this brief quiz to test your knowledge.

Get an upfront view of irritating dermatologic conditions that often occur on and around the face.

What is the cause of the severe, diffuse inflammation of skin, joints, and mucous membranes in this Persian Gulf patient?


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