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Skin Diseases

EGFR Inhibitor Sun Sensitivity

Therapies that target specific pathways or proteins in cancer cells are especially noted for dermatologic events, which affect up to 90% of treated patients.

Skin Diseases

The condition is common but seen infrequently in primary care practice. Take this quiz for a quick refresher.

Lesions are warm to the touch; exam is unremarkable. Does mom have the answer? Do you?

Increasing fatigue and muscle weakness now keep this 7-year-old from interaction with her peers. Get the details and a closer look at the rash. Your Dx?

Skin ulcerations have a broad differential. Take this quick quiz to test your knowledge of some difficult diagnoses.

The eruption has been present for 1 year and is restricted to the perioral region. What is included in your differential?

A teen athlete comes in for his preseason physical. Everything looks good until he lifts up his shirt.

Walk through this case of unexplained bruising in a young boy that proves signs and symptoms are not always what they appear to be.


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