Skin Diseases

Localized Eczema: What Cause

What strategy will you choose to help cure this woman’s local rash?

Skin Diseases

A 6-year-old boy had a 1-month history of an intensely pruritic “rash” on the left dorsal foot and left lower leg. He had a recent history of walking barefoot on a beach in south Florida where dogs are allowed. What's your diagnosis?

This week’s quiz questions challenge you to determine the cause of an infant’s “strange breathing” based on a chest film, to come up with the most common cause of chronic cough in children, to be a dermatologic detective, among other things.

A 4-year-old, previously healthy girl presented with large, tense bullae involving up to 40% of her body surface area. Her parents described a 12-day history of itchy, papulovesicular lesions that had progressed into large blisters. Your dx?

A toddler from Nigeria, whose parents remained there ill with AIDS, presented with a fever and a widespread itchy eruption. Tests for HIV infection were positive. Which systemic etiologies can be ruled out when such an eruption presents?

Erythema migrans, the characteristic rash of Lyme disease, often has a bull’s-eye appearance. Which of the following additional factors can help the diagnosis?

Meet patients’ facial skin problems head-on by gaining a familiarity with the common problems and symptoms. This week’s photo quiz offers a variety of presentations to test your prima facie knowledge.

A 60-year-old Caucasian man with a history of invasive squamous cell carcinoma of the lung presents with the lesions shown. Metastases to the skin can be a clinical finding in many malignancies.


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