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Skin Diseases

EGFR Inhibitor Sun Sensitivity

Therapies that target specific pathways or proteins in cancer cells are especially noted for dermatologic events, which affect up to 90% of treated patients.

Skin Diseases

The rapidly expanding lesion began as a small boil in the center of the ulcerated area 4 weeks ago. What underlying process do you suspect?

Painful red lesions on the shins. Trauma? Tumor? Inflammation? The diagnosis is in the detailed differential you'll follow in this slide show.

Pyoderma gangrenosum

The lesions may mimic infectious, vascular, inflammatory and other ulcers; they do not respond to antibiotics and debridement often exacerbates the ulcer.

Test your visual diagnostic skills with this slide-show case of a young boy with an odd facial lesion of approximately one month's duration.

8-year-old Al is in for follow-up of an ear infection, but his mother is more interested in why no hair will grow on that spot on the back of his head.

The patient has similar lesions elsewhere on his body. Treatment with a topical steroid was unsuccessful. Can you ID?

Test your visual diagnostic skills, vote for your preferred Dx and treatment, and learn about 2 common annular lesions along the way.


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