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Do You Know the Hepatits ABCs?

Not much about the family of hepatitis viruses is as simple as ABC. Test yourself on a few of the fine points, here.



The patient is 19, was home-schooled, and is referred to primary care by the local emergency department. Where to start?

Where does your preferred candidate for POTUS stand on vaccination issues? Would you recognize his/her tweet on the topic?

In recognition of National Vaccine Awareness Month, test your own awareness of vaccines present and past.

Negative parental response to the HPV vaccine is often rooted in emotion. Our quick quiz offers you some rational data that could help parents face facts.

However, says a study author, incomplete coverage "is a better idea than skipping vaccination altogether."

We are 10 years into the Zostavax life cycle. Find out how the shingles vaccine is performing and what you know about it.

Who gets the best protection from Zostavax and how long does it last? Is that enough?


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