New Bivalent Norovirus Vaccine is Safe and Effective

The norovirus vaccine, while not preventive of all disease, does significantly reduce the severity of symptoms.


You may have patients with plans for far-flung summer travel. But have they planned for necessary vaccinations? See if you can advise the family in our travel quiz on appropriate prevention for all.

Hepatitis, measles, smallpox, polio, mumps, influenza, Fifth disease—a close look at the value of vaccination past, present, and future.

(EULAR 2014) Analysis of 7-month results show few problems and great benefit for the Gardasil vaccine against human papilloma virus in girls or young women with juvenile arthritis.

More than 1 in 7 of the 288 measles cases reported so far this year have led to hospitalization, according to a press release from the CDC. The respiratory disease is serious and highly contagious. Make sure you are familiar with the signs and symptoms. More, here.

Measles complications in children range in severity from mostly benign to fatal. Thankfully we only rarely face any of the top 5 listed here. Can you rank them from what was once most to once least common?

Otitis media is the most common related illness. Here, the other 4 in rank order.

It's been a while since "the measles" was a household term in the United States, but 13 states so far this year have seen outbreaks. Have you seen a case lately? Would you recognize the virus prodrome?


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